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I know some people may know this already but I heard that Facebook takes private info from people and may end taking people's identity without them knowing.......Oh boy.....That is all I have to say about Facebook! Have a great Sunday! ^^

Facebook icon FB Like for MSN :( (Sad) 
Pink Safina by Rainbowdoodler209
I'll be going to China town for my Manderin, I promise I'll make more drawings here when I get back! Bye for now! 
I'm uploading a video right now at the moment tonight, what hole I draw for you guys? You can give me some criticism and critiques and stuff, that is all I have to say to be honest! Have a great night! 

Mood: Bear Emoji-28 (Yawn and Lazy) [V2] 
I'm just wondering, I'm not trying to be I? Maybe I'm just well, I'll be more active here to be honest! ^^

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I'm gonna take a break until I'm finished with this book called "Ketchup Clouds" so I hope you guys have a great day and night as well! 

Thoughts: My future

How I feel the whole day: :bademoticon: Kirito (Stressed) [V1] 
Farewell 2015, l will miss the memories in my diary and will always be happy go lucky and I hope my watchers will have a great new year! ^^
Chicken man by Rainbowdoodler209
Here's the link...…
I'll have to not read or listen to creepypastas anymore.......
no more creepypastas
no more creepypastas
no more creepypastas
no more creepypastas
no more creepypastas....
:scared: :omgomgbb: :omgomgbb: :omgomgbb: :omgomgbb: 
 I'll be going to school tomorrow so I may be able to post something after, if I have any homework that is...Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed my paintings and other stuff! ^^

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eating: nothing
doing: drawing and thinking
thoughts: How the first day of school will go...
Here's the link to my account of ArtRift! ^^…
fair fight 
Some hacker will hack into you're DA account by putting thomas the tank engine in you're stash and add inappropriate pics in you're gallery, spread the word about this hacker, whoever he/she is.....

Paranoid They're all out to get me... :parafive: :parafive: Kirby Paranoid Emoticon Kirby Paranoid Emoticon 
I'll be going to marching band camp tomorrow and the next week and I'll be back! I won't be able to post drawings before marching band camp and stuff! ^^

The clarinet twins by Rainbowdoodler209
Thanks for making me happy and saying you're opinions to me as well and the criticisms you gave me that helped out a lot and I appreciate it! I hope everyone had a great summer! ^^
Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart)  
My birthday is in 2 days so yeah, Happy 4th of July everyone! :flagus: wavy revision :flagus: wavy revision :flagus: wavy revision 
I'll be at an animation camp in five days, I will see you after the animation club! :)
Caramel dansen emote Caramel dansen emote Caramel dansen emote Caramel dansen emote Caramel dansen emote Caramel dansen emote Caramel dansen emote Caramel dansen emote Caramel dansen emote Caramel dansen emote Trampoline fun Trampoline fun 
I'm still alive and well, I'm still having that issue with my computer not letting me post artwork, maybe it's the webpage or something..

Mood: :(
My DA is acting up and I do not know why but my internet seems fine when I checked so I dunno what's goong on..Confused Confused Confused Confused 
I even tried to post a drawing but my computer says "You need a file" I'm a bit spooked by this....Fear Fear Fear DeviantArt 
I always practice and practice draw everyday so yeah. I'll be a great artist someday when I'm a adult! :D
I'm back for more fun in Deviant ART, the world of all creative artists everywhere, I hope you guys like my new drawings and stuff so yeah! :)
I'm not gonna say sorry anymore, my computer was 
lagging horriblely, just because I want to download MMD just to try it out. I wouldn't be able to go on my computer in a little while. .......I don't know what's happening to Colorslive.....The place is falling apart......I......can't....see...anything......*static* Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1]